We Practice Fear Free Medicine

The veterinary office can be a stressful place for our pets, and that can get in the way of them receiving important treatments. That’s why we are proud to offer Greenfield and area pets a more positive experience with the help of our Fear Free Certified initiative. We practice Fear Free medicine because we understand that many pets suffer from anxiety, which can affect their quality of life. While we cannot fully eliminate your pet’s fears, we can significantly reduce them using Fear Free techniques.

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What Makes Our Hospital Fear Free?

Our team members have undergone special training and continuing education to develop their skills as Fear Free professionals. Consequently, we hope to reduce the fear associated with vet visits for as many pets as possible.

Some of the steps we implement include:

  • Helping owners prepare their pets for vet visits. This includes helping cats get more comfortable with their carriers and helping dogs get used to riding in cars.
  • Using feline or canine pheromones during exams. We can also provide pheromones for clients to use when transporting their pets to our hospital.
  • Encouraging owners to bring their pets to their appointments on a semi-empty stomach so they will be more receptive to treats.
  • Taking owners and pets into exam rooms right away so they can avoid encountering other animals in the lobby.
  • Speaking in lower voices and avoiding loud noises and sudden movements.
  • Examining pets in spots where they feel more comfortable, such as on the floor, in their carrier (with the lid off), or on their owner’s lap.
  • Handling animals as gently as possible and using minimal restraint.

To learn more about fear free and what it takes to become certified, got to fearfreepets.com or call us at (414) 529-3577.

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