Dental Care

Clean teeth and a healthy mouth can help your pet live longer because their oral health is directly related to their overall health. If your pet has inflamed gums and infected teeth, they are likely to experience other issues associated with those conditions. Furthermore, this can lead to a diminished quality of life. At Crawford Animal Hospital in Greenfield, we always emphasize the importance of pet dental care with regular cat or dog teeth cleaning to our clients because we want what is best for their companions.

Many cats and dogs living in the US show varying signs of gum disease by age 3. This is generally due to inadequate routine and professional dental care, which is the most effective way to prevent gum disease altogether. Luckily, gum disease can be easily prevented with the right treatments. We’re here to help you get started! Call (414) 529-3577 to schedule a cat or dog teeth cleaning or make an appointment online.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Procedures in Greenfield

We can help you treat and prevent gum disease in your pet with anesthesia dental cleanings, which involve several steps:

  • Pre-dental blood work to check organ function and be certain that your pet is healthy enough to undergo the procedure
  • Periodontal exams where we closely examine the teeth and gums for signs of damage and chart our findings
  • Digital dental X-rays are highly recommended and enable us to see the condition of your pet’s teeth and bone below the gum line
  • Professional dental cleanings to blast away plaque and calculus (tartar) above and below the gum line
  • Polishing to smooth the surfaces of the teeth and prevent future buildup
  • Checking the pockets around the teeth for abscesses and infections
  • Extracting loose, broken, or decaying teeth as needed

How Gum Disease Threatens Your Pet’s Health

Gum disease is a painful infection in which bacteria secreted from excessive tartar buildup attack the tissues supporting and surrounding the teeth. This can cause inflamed gums, loose teeth, and even heart, liver, or kidney disease if the bacteria finds its way into the bloodstream. All of these conditions can shorten your pet’s life. That’s why regular cat and dog teeth cleaning is so vital.

Signs of Gum Disease

Are you concerned that your pet may have gum disease or some other dental problem? Check for these signs:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Bright red, swollen gums
  • Loose, broken, and/or discolored teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Swelling around the face and muzzle
  • Difficulty holding onto food
  • Increased irritability, lack of interest in normal activities
  • Pawing at face and mouth

At-Home Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

While we are more than happy to provide complete pet teeth cleaning and dental care services at our hospital, your pet’s oral health depends on you, too! Brushing your pet’s teeth daily will greatly reduce plaque buildup in the months between checkups. Furthermore, it will help your pet get used to having their mouth handled and will make caring for their teeth easier.

We can also provide various cat or dog teeth cleaning products for you to use at home, including dental-specific food, dental treats, and more. Our team looks forward to helping you with your pet’s dental needs and seeing them live a long and healthy life.

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