Get To Know Our Amazing Team

We could not ask for a better team of doctors, veterinary assistants and client care specialists to serve Greenfield and its surrounding areas. With their diverse backgrounds, all of our staff members nonetheless came together due to their mutual love of animals and a desire to do good for the community. Take a look at their bios below to become better acquainted with them!


Dr. Williamson: Veterinarians in Greenfield

Dr. Derek Williamson, DVM/
Medical Director

Dr. Tomcheck: Veterinarians in Greenfield

Dr. Amy Tomcheck, DVM

Dr. Panther 2

Dr. Emily Panther, DVM

Support Staff

Jen 2

Jen, Hospital Manager/CVT

Kara: Veterinarians in Greenfield

Kara, Assistant


Abby, Assistant

Katrina: Veterinarians in Greenfield

Katrina, Assistant

Brittany: Veterinarians in Greenfield

Brittany, Assistant


Morgan, Assistant

1 Edited

Sabrina, Assistant & CSR

Angela: Veterinarians in Greenfield

Angela, CVT


Megan, CVT


Emily, CVT