In-Depth, UItra-Modern Cat and Dog X-rays and Diagnostics in Greenfield, WI

Without a thorough examination of your pet's bones, organs and other internal systems, we can only make a partial assessment of their overall health. Our diagnostics equipment gives us the ability to literally see inside your pet without using invasive methods. Healthy and sick pets alike can benefit from our diagnostic capabilities. Not only can we see what's going on beneath the surface; we can also detect potential or ongoing problems that would otherwise remain invisible and go untreated.

Therefore, diagnostics are an invaluable tool for conducting comprehensive health evaluations and diagnosing diseases and injuries in pets. Call us at (414) 529-3577 to learn more or make an appointment online for your pet's next consultation!

Dog X-rays in Greenfield, WI

Diagnostic Services We Offer

We can detect and analyze a variety of medical concerns using the following diagnostic tools:

  • Digital X-ray
    Digital X-ray is a highly-efficient imaging tool that allows for visualization of the skeletal system and chest cavity. This technology uses minimal amounts of radiation and can help us see bone fractures, bone deformities, intestinal blockages, heart problems, and more.
  • Ultrasound
    Ultrasound is an imaging technique that relies on soundwaves to create a real-time image of the abdominal organs. It can help us detect tumors, cysts, fluid in the abdomen, pregnancies, bladder stones and other conditions. As with digital X-ray, ultrasound is non-invasive, drug-free and painless.
  • Laboratory testing
    We also offer a full, in-house laboratory suite that enables us to run tests on blood, urine, fecal matter, biopsied tissue and more.
Pet Diagnostics in Greenfield, WI

Why Diagnostics Are Important for Your Dog & Cat

Routine diagnostics play a big role in your pet's wellness and prevention regimen. Blood and fecal testing can help us detect parasites quickly and recommend a safe, effective treatment in the same appointment. Our goal is to build the most comprehensive, ongoing health history for your pet so they can always receive the highest level of care.

Diagnostics are often the necessary next step following an inconclusive physical exam. If your dog or cat is showing signs of illness or is overdue for a checkup, we encourage you to call us today at (414) 529-3577.